Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Baby Girl

Today we came home to a beautiful newborn cria! Sancha finally had her baby, a white girl, named Snow Lily.

I was at work today. J was home, fed the alpacas their morning grain. He had a feeling Sancha was going to deliver (but then there have been other days he thought so too). He said she barely ate and was humming a lot. He decided to go golfing, because of course, if he stays home she won't have that baby. When he arrived home, he found a baby girl, already feeding on Sancha.

It appears this delivery went smoothly. Sancha did it all on her own. J found the baby eating and the placenta in one piece in the pasture. Lily is alert and we cannot believe how well she is walking around already! All looks well.

I'll try to get pictures up on Thursday. Sorry for the delay (a technical difficulty with our computer and camer set up).

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