Saturday, May 2, 2009


Spot is our guardian dog. His job is to keep any other animals out of the alpaca's area. In our location the biggest threat to alpacas is loose dogs. A bark from Spot will send just about any dog running. We've found he also hates birds. If a bird lands in the pasture he will bark and run.

Zack loves to go out and play with Spot, they are good buddies.

This is Spot's favorite spot to lay down, right by the fence near our patio and dinning room. He uses his sad eyes to entice us to let him in the house. Nice try, Spot. He's a working dog, not a house/pet dog. But we do give him attention as he needs that too, we go out there to him though.

Here is Emma giving Spot some attention. He loves it when the kids come and play with him. The kids say their favorite thing to play with Spot is "follow." This is where they walk around and Spot follows them everywhere. I find he does this to me when I'm out there doing chores.

It has been interesting to watch the alpacas accept Spot. Initially when the alpacas came back here Spot was an outcast. Slowly, I've seen him sleep closer and closer to them. This past week we had a lot of rain and they even let him in the barn with them. It's as if he's one of the group. We've also found that when there is a danger issue (Spot barking at something) the alpacas let him deal with it and they do not appear nervous like we use to notice before Spot came here.

We have been very happy with our guardian dog. He's a big help on the farm and he's fun to have around when I'm working on my chores alone.

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