Monday, May 25, 2009

Fiber Update

First, we have new bags of fiber from this years shearing. Since we still have last years and some from the year before, we have plenty to sell. I'd offer to skirt it, but I'm terrible at skirting, though I will do my best and will wash it. Our cria fleeces (the softest fleece) come in white (Lightning), fading fawn (Tehya) and brown (Shelby's). Other fleeces we have: white, various shades of brown (from a reddish brown to a golden brown), black and gray (light silver gray). Email us if you are interested in fleeces. It can be spun from raw or sent to the mill to be made into rovings or yarn.

I've started a "fiber room" in our basement, where the new fleeces are now residing. I still need to sort the fleeces from years previous and get them in there too. I have a *new* to me sewing machine (ok, it's a 1963 model, but it was given extra care by my grandma until it came to our house). And all my spinning gadgets are in there - with the exception of my spinning wheel which continues to be kept on top of the TV (so no dog can decide to do something to it) and where I can get it easily when I have some time to spin.

I'm almost done spinning Tucker's fiber from last year (our silver gray alpaca). I alternated between spinning the fiber and knitting. There are times I can't spin (like sitting at a child's baseball practice) when I would knit. But I managed to find enough time to spin to supply enough yarn to keep up with my knitting. I am over half way done with my sweater out of Tucker's fiber. I have the back of it complete and am almost done with the front left side. It's my first spun yarn and it's my first sweater so it will definitely have an artist look, but I'm excited to have a product from our own animals.

My next project is going to be a handbag. I promised one to my mom (past present). She picked brown for the color, so now for me to decide which shade - reddish brown of Victoria or the golden brown of Kateri? I've never made a handbag before so this is also new teritory.

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