Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birth Day Pictures

Our newborn Snow Lily and her mom, Sancha. J found Snow Lily already walking and drinking off mom. We missed the birth, though it appears it was not a difficult one. Welcome to our farm, Snow Lily!

Mom and baby out walking around, Lily already can run! Notice our other two moms not to far away (both are brown):

Here are pictures of just Lily (though mom can be seen lingering in the background).

Sancha is a good dotting mom. When Lightning Bugs was born, we had to assist due to a dystocia. Sancha let us help and let us tend to him after the birth. This time, she did it all on her own and does not want us near her baby. When we weighed her, she stood by screaming the entire time. Baby and mom appear to have a good bond.


Eliz said...

absolutely adorable. how much does she weigh? she looks huge in the pictures.

cara said...

She was 20.4 pounds! Average, I believe, is 14-20 pounds, so she's big on the average range. Her brother, Bugs, was 21.6! Mom grows them big :)

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