Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Alpaca Area

Last summer we started working on the new shelter and pasture land right in our own backyard. Early this spring, we finally had it all set for the pregnant girls to come back here. It's so nice to see them right outside our windows. Being on cria watch is easy when all you have to do is glance out the window.

This picture shows the pasture land (minus the snow). The first enclosure is our immediate backyard which is fenced in for Quinn (our family pet, American Eskimo). Beyond the first fence is where the alpaca's land starts (including the kids swing set as seen in the 2nd picture - the alpacas don't mind it at all but they do tend to watch the kids when they are out there playing).

The shelter is the steel tool shed in the distance. While not fancy, it's an inexpensive way to house the alpacas. Sure a barn is ideal, but they only require a 3 sided shelter with a roof. Alpacas are inexpensive to house and feed in comparison to other animals. This last picture was taken from inside my dinning room.

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