Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cria Watch Continues

no baby, yet. Everyday we take a good long look at Sancha. And it seems everyday she does something that seems like it *could* be impending birth. No baby yet. She has 4 days until she's due and last year she went over that by 6 days so I'm thinking we have about 10 days to go ;)

The votes are in on the baby. Emma says it will be a white girl, Zack says a white boy who looks just like Sancha, I say a fawn boy and J says a fawn girl. We all agree it will be big. Lightning bugs was 21 pounds and I'm guessing this one will be close to that.

On that note, Kateri, who isn't due for about 2 months, looks huge! I mean, huge! This is only our second year with cria, so I don't have a lot of experience, but she seems like she is carrying a really big baby this time. I think Tehya was 15 pounds, so there is room for a little bigger. It also could be that Kateri is carrying it very differently this time. I say that means we are getting a boy from her. We'll see.

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