Friday, July 30, 2010


Back last winter when we aquired Rosco, we promised our friends that they could have one of our girls in trade. We added into the choice any of our female offspring from this year. What we didn't expect to happen was that we'd have only 1 female cria this year, and that girl is out of their male!

Now that all our cria are born for this year, they came over to decide which girl to take home. They chose Cafe.

Here is Cafe au Lait from this past spring before she was shorn:

Cafe has some very nice fiber:

Cafe is bred to Georgio, so they got a 2 for 1 in this deal. I am excited to see how that cria looks next summer. Thankfully we live very close by and can come and see the cria when it's born. While we are sad to lose Cafe's genetics, we know this was the logical choice for them.

We are very happy with our very fine, very black Rosco:

Rosco's fiber:


Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Hey guys,

Cafe is doing great on our farm. She is fitting right in with the rest of the herd. While we were hoping you would have had more girls to choose from this year....and would have snatched up Challenger in a second if he were a female, we are very very happy with Cafe, who Noah is now calling Bangle because of the white bracelet around one of her ankles. Feel free to come visit her anytime! Also, if you'd like to breed Rosco to Sequoia (or any other new males we might have by the time she is ready to breed) you are welcome to!

cara said...

That's a wonderful offer. We are still sorting out this years breedings, but will let you know when we start considering next years.

Glad to hear Cafe is settling in well. She never had a buddy here, she just sort of hung out but never seemed to bond well with any of the alpacas. I felt bad that maybe our family gangs here were excluding her. She has always been very caring and concerned, and would go after Spot if he was getting too rough. I think she'll be a great mom (reminds me a lot of Maddie personality wise).

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