Thursday, July 8, 2010


When I talk to people about my alpacas, I'm always surprised when they don't realize each alpaca has their own personality. I guess people think dogs can have individual personality, but livestock aren't supposed to? I don't know. I love watching the herd dynamics on our farm and seeing how they all interact. It's interesting to me all the things that can affect herd dynamics. It's a complicated social group, alpaca herds.

This week on our farm we have a visiting female and her cria. The cria is about the same age as Twilight, and is a rose grey. The mom is a tuxedo grey. (I only mention their colors so you can pick them out in the pictures posted). Our older girls have not been the most friendly to this visiting female. I'm quite let down by their behavior. I haven't witnessed anything mean specifically, but they sure don't want to let her into the main of the group. But then, Kateri is due any day now with her cria, and Sancha is now pregnant again (she is always crabby when pregnant). Victoria is leader of our female herd, so she isn't too welcoming of anyone. Maddie is the most friendly, but being a new mom has lessened her friendliness. Our vistor is a half sister of Maddie, they both have the same sire. Our vistor spent her first day here following me around. She seemed to think I was the best one to befriend. I hated going inside the house for fear of what those witches out there might do to her (keep in mind, this is the same day Kateri spit in my face! Witch is about the nicest thing I had to say about Kateri that day). Our visitor is the sweetest girl, and it seems all our cria love her! They all follow her around like she's the best thing ever. I found her out in the pasture with her own cria, along with Rose and Twilight:

They saw me out there and started walking towards me:

Then the cria all stood in the line with her:

You can tell she has the sweetest disposition. I think the cria know who to trust, and who not to. They clearly love her, and I do too. What a sweetheart (maybe I'm biased because she likes to follow me around, when my own girls, ie Kateri, seem to want to spit on me.... I'll get over it, someday ;) ).

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