Monday, July 5, 2010


Yarn spinning, I mean.

Today I attended an extended hours spinning guild meeting. It was so great to go! I plyed the two strands of Greyt's fiber:

It plyed as nice as I could have asked. It turned into very beautiful yarn. I was so impressed with myself that the two strands just about met up exactly. Only a few inches on one strand to spare. The picture truely does not do justice to this yarn. You must see and feel it to really know this beauty.

And I started spinning Cafe's fiber:

Cafe's fiber is very soft and fun to spin. I usually let the fiber spin how it wants to go. For exmaple, some fiber likes to spin up thin, other fiber tends to want to spin up thicker. Cafe's naturally spun up thin, so I let it. This could be some fancy yarn, for making something lacy perhaps.

I must find a way in my schedule to attend spinning guild more often. I got so much done, and it motivates me to work more at it.

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