Sunday, July 4, 2010


Sometimes when I'm doing chores, I think about those first few weeks we had alpacas on our farm. What I remember specifically, is that they would run out of the barn before I even got in there. I was so sad they didn't want to be near me. Sometimes now, I wish they would leave the barn for me to get chores done. At least once a week I clean the rejected hay/straw out of their barn (this I sprinkle in the pasture to help the grass grow). Almost daily I scoop any poop that is in there (the older girls, the pregnant and nursing moms, do poop in their barn. Neither the boys nor the maiden girls do, thank goodness! We put up with a lot from our pregnant moms *groan* but they do after all, produce our next generation.) When I get in there to scoop poop, the girls stand around, barely moving their feet out of the way for my raking:

Then, when I try to leave, they block the door. I can ask them to over, I can move towards them, and they just stand there. I've had to push them aside before, in order to get out of the barn:

I'm glad they feel so comfortable with me, they don't feel the need to flee from me. But, it makes getting my chores done harder.

I do have a success to post about though. My stray/hay composting over the pasture to help the grass grow has produced green grass:

Here you can see the stages: hay/straw on the ground in the front strip, then the next stage where it's almost composted and grass is growing out of it, and the last stage on the other side of the fence where the grass is nice (that's the stage I want to get back to).

We had some rain storms come through about a week back, which resulted in the tree limbs on the ground. I need to gather all those sticks in our stash for camp fires. I'm hungry for smore's!

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