Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July baby?

I was so hoping for a 4th of July cria birth. Kateri is on day 346, a day she has never made it to since being on our farm (Kateri and Victoria are the first two alpacas we purchased, they both have been here since we began our farm). Last year she had Po on day 338, and the year before Tehya was born on day 342. In fact, I'm surprised she's made it this long. And, with this heat wave, it would seem she'd really want that baby out, but no. :(

Instead, she is one crabby girl. Tonight I went out to feed them their grain. I like to believe Kateri and Sancha were having a little tiff, and Kateri went to spit at Sancha, but my face got in the way. I can't bring myself to believe Kateri would spit full force right in my face (especially since I was holding the grain bowls, never bite the hand that feeds you, or spit in the face of the person bearing grain). But, the end result is that I got spit right in my face! It splashed on my shirt, in my hair, everywhere! And boy does it stink. Now, I have had people say to me, when they hear I have alpacas, "I could never have an animal that spits." I assure them that spitting is rare, and usually it is them fighting among themselves. There are times when we are doing herd health that they get mad and spit at us. But to me that is reasonable, we are after all giving them shots etc. They go into fight or flight mode. Spitting is their defense. I can't think of a time I got it full force right in my face though. I do believe Kateri was aiming at Sancha. Every day at grain time these two fight over bowls. And right after she spit at me, when I looked at Kateri, she had big eyes, just like a kid who knows they just messed up big.

I hope Kateri has that cria soon, and it's a beauty! That might help me let go of this grudge I feel after being spit at ;)

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I plan to meet up with my spinning guild to spin up yarn. I haven't been able to attend meetings in over a year due to my work/kids schedule. With no work tomorrow, and J home with the kids, I'm free to go! I have two stands of Greyt yarn to ply. Yesterday I went into my fiber room to grab another blanket of fiber to start spinning up. I was thinking of grabbing some of Pocahontas, since I've been dreaming of spinning her's for so long. Surprisingly, I grabbed Cafe's. It was so pretty there, it caught my eye. Right now J is so nicely flicking it up for me to take to my spinning group tomorrow.

Now we are off to check out some fireworks. I don't often stay up late, but I told the kids we could go, so now I have to hold up to that.

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