Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Enlightenment's Rocky Rose

Last week J did some work on our Alpaca Nation Website, updating pictures and adding new alpacas (there are still more to add, so keep your eye out for more updates). He had a chance to put up Rose's page.

While getting all this ready, he took a ton of pictures of all this years cria. Here are some of Rose:

We are very excited about Rose. I think she is a great addition to our herd, and I think she will do well in the show ring. She appears to have a consistent crimp throughout her blanket. She feels soft, with a nice handle. It's harder to tell density on a cria. Signs we've been told to look for are: how long it takes them to dry as a newborn (the denser, the longer it takes to dry), having rolls on their neck indicates density, and feeling their fiber up by their skin. Rose was not born on our farm, I don't know how long she took to dry as a newborn. But I do feel rolls on her neck and she feels dense next to the skin. There is always that balance between density and fineness. I'm also excited to add medium rose grey to the list of colors on our farm. My goal is to have a variety of natural colors available to make into beautiful color yarn and crafts.

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Amy A said...

She is beautiful!

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