Friday, August 13, 2010


It seems lately we've had several people we know have (or are expecting) babies. One day last week, J came home from work looking for a pair of booties and an infant hat he was sure were already made. He found the hat and one bootie. That's when I rememember that I made some booties last year, but one was bigger than the other. Then I made another one, and used that as a pair (with the one that matched it best in size), leaving one extra. This was the one he thought was a pair. He wanted to give the hat and booties to a co-worker who just had a baby.

He told me not to worry about it. He was on his stretch of working nights, and was headed to bed for the day. I had a busy day of things with the kids. J said he'd just give them the hat and that would be good enough. By the time I got the kid's issues settled, and we were back from our day's activities, it was almost 3:30p.m. J leaves for work at 6 p.m. - would I have enough time to knit up a pair of booties in that amount of time? I had yarn. But the pattern I had just found, I never know how a new to me pattern will work.

I enjoy a good challenge and decided to try. I knit both booties at the same time, since that's the best way to ensure they are the same size, and it's easier to keep to the pattern. (I've had some pairs that I knit up separate that ended up very different sizes, it can happen so easy).

I am excited to say that not only did I complete them in time, but I think they turned out cute (the cuffs can also be rolled down):

These baby booties were made out of Lightning's fiber. He has very soft, very incredible fiber, perfect for a baby. They knit up in no time and used very little yarn.


watalulu said...

How cute.

I just bought the book Two at a Time socks-Toe Up (or something like that)
Anyway... I just got my practice stitches on last evening and it is already quite fun.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

That book sounds great! I have yet to knit up socks, it's on my "want to do" list.


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