Monday, August 23, 2010

Vet Visit

We decided to make an appointment at the vet for Snickers and Tehya.

Our concern with Snickers is whether or not she is pregnant, and if so, to who?. She supposedly come already bred, and when she first arrived, she was spitting of males. It does appear that she was pregnant at that point. But within a couple weeks she stopped spitting off and cushed. We've bred her a couple times now, but she is still not acting pregnant. Because she is new to our farm, we aren't 100% sure how she acts when she's open and how she acts when she's pregnant. We decided we needed to ultra sound her. It can be damaging to her if we keep re breeding her (she could get an infection) if she is already pregnant.

Since we were going to the vet for an ultra sound already, we decided to take Tehya too. Tehya is a maiden and while she acts like she's pregnant (she is spitting off the males), it's hard to know for sure with maidens. We'd rather know now, if she isn't pregnant we can rebred her right away (we wouldn't want to do that in the winter, now is the time to do it if we need to).

The vet did the ultra sound and determined that Tehya is pregnant and appears to be about three months along (which matches the ticker I have at the bottom of the blog). Snickers is also pregnant, about a month along. This means she did lose the cria from Conan, but she took with Georgio. While we are sad to have lost the Conan offspring, Georgio is also from the Conan line and should produce a nice cria with Snickers.

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