Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Yarn

This past weekend was a busy fiber weekend that really extended more than just the weekend. It started last week Thursday when I was ready to start a knitted project, but didn't have enough yarn in a contrasting color to really make the pattern pop. So Thursday evening I flicked up some of Lighting's fiber. Friday I finished up another skein I had started on my wheel. Saturday I spun 2 strands of Lighting's fiber. You are supposed to wait a day to ply it. I waited most of the day and counted it as overnight ;) by late Saturday evening I plied it, washed it, and set it to dry. I let it dry all night near a fan in hopes it would be dry by morning. Thankfully it was (it helps that it was a small skein):

a little closer:

By Sunday morning I had these balls of yarn:

Ready to knit!!

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