Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cria Update

Everyday it seems the cria grow and change a little bit. We are thankful to have been blessed with healthy and strong babies.

While Rose (Enlightenment's Rocky Rose) wasn't born on our farm, she is a 2010 cria, and the oldest cria on our farm. Rose is the mother hen of the cria gang, always watching out for all of them and making sure every one is ok. Here are a couple recent pictures of Rose:

The first cria born on our farm this year is Our Copper Canyon. While big, Copper plays well with the other smaller cria. He loves to run and chase.

Smokey's Twilight was the 2nd cria born. She is a flirt who is in love with Chaska. She has been kissing on him since the day he was born, and practically bats her eyes at him.

The next cria born was Chaska. Chaska is a big guy who seems to like receiving Twilight's affection.

Challenger was the last of our cria born this year. While in these pictures he's hiding near his dam, Victoria, he's not typically a mama's boy.

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