Monday, August 9, 2010

The Hat

This pixie hat is not what I knit up last week. I knit this a couple weeks ago when I was away at a conference. But, I didn't post pictures of it until now because it was given to a fellow alpaca farmer as a gift at their baby shower (just yesterday). Since this farmer often reads my blog, I didn't want to give it away. I tried to be careful what I posted last week of my knitting, since that second item was also part of this gift set. I only gave away the colors, and even then, I never said what I was making or that it was a gift (though she may have wondered).

Here is the pixie hat after knitting and needlework, but before I added the pom poms (I needed J to help me with those, since he has done them before and I had not). I didn't have a cute baby face to model the hat, so I used our stairs banister. Not as cute for sure, but it sort of gives the idea of what it will look like. The top of the hat is supposed to be pointy and floppy, that's the pixie pattern (which doesn't show up that well using my banister model).

The pattern showed needlework on the hat, which I changed to suit my own needs. I wanted to add an alpaca shape (though it also sort of looks like a dog, it's still an animal shape of sort):

Then with J's help I added pompoms to it:


watalulu said... CUTE!

Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Cara...thank you so much for the adorable hat and baby sweater. You are so talented! It was my favorite gift at the baby shower! It is so special....especially since Cafe is a part of our herd now! I can't wait to see our little one sporting it this fall/winter! Thank you again!


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