Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Show String

Even though the snow is just starting to fly, it's time to get our spring show season line up ready to go. Many alpaca shows are already open for registration, and we know some of these shows sell out within a day (GMAF is famous for that!).

For our show string we have several yearlings (those born in 2010) and some juvis (those born in 2011). Rose will actually turn 2 the end of April, so at some of the spring shows, she will show in the 2+ age group.

2010 Yearlings:

Enlightenment's Rocky Rose (light rose grey female)
Smokey's Twilight (dark silver grey female)
OHVNA Chaska (beige male)
OHVNA The Challenger (dark rose grey male)
Gabriel Star of RobAsia (true black male)

2011 Juvis:

Our Peruvian Dark Thunder (dark rose grey male)
ATA Peruvian Shamballa (light fawn male)
ATA Peruvian Lady Bing (light brown female)
JLFA Leonardo's Dutch Harbor (medium fawn female)
Dutchess (dark brown female)

Since most shows allow 3 alpacas per stall, it would work best for us to take 9 rather than every one of the 10 listed here. As we get to be a bigger farm, we have the luxury to be selective in which alpacas we take with us. When we were really small, every cria was put into our show string. Now we can pick and choose and take those that we think will do the best. We have gotten better at predicting who will do well and who won't, but often that first show of the season is a surprise. Last year we had some do better than we anticipated (always a welcome surprise!). We have high hopes this year, with some exciting alpacas in our show string.

The next step is to choose which shows we will be going to, and which of the 10 alpacas we will bring to each show.

By the way if you are wondering who Dutchess is, her story is yet to be told. We know she's coming, the contract is signed, but the actual arrival is still pending. She is with her mom and not yet ready to be weaned. As always, we are spicing up our herd genetics in one way or another.

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