Tuesday, January 17, 2012

still a princess

I can't hide the fact that Tehya is one of my favorite alpacas. She was born on our farm that very first year we had alpacas. I saw her entire birth. I really have known her since the day she was born. I have seen her grow up from a newborn cria to a yearling to an adult. At almost 4 years old, she's still an incredible alpaca. It doesn't hurt that her sire is the famous Goldsmith and that she won many ribbons for us in the show ring.

I've been spinning her blanket into yarn, I love the various shades of fawn that come through her beautiful yarn.

This year she is bred to our male, Greyt, for a June 2012 due date. I can't wait to see what beautiful cria they create! Tehya is fawn color, Greyt is rose grey (brown with grey) ~ together they could produce any color from fawn to rose grey to brown to black. I love all those colors so any one of them is great!!

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