Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who's the sire?

I sort of wanted to put as my blog title "baby daddy" but I thought better of that. In the alpaca world, sire is the right term for the dad.

Our aim in breeding this past year was to get some cria on the ground for our males. Both Tucker and Greyt have cria on the ground, but we only have 1 for each of these males. While we love their cria, 1 isn't enough to determine if they have what it takes to be a super stud.

ARF Our Peruvian Tucker

+ already gave us OHVNA The Challenger

For 2012 he is bred to:

~ Victoria (who he already had Challenger with)
~ Latte
~ Jewel

SA Peruvian Greyt Exxpectations

+ already gave us Our Peruvian Dark Thunder

For 2012 he is bred to:

~ Sancha (who already produced Thunder by Greyt)
~ Maddie
~ Tehya
~ Miss Kitty
~ Snickers

We bred only one girl to Smokey, because at this point we know what Smokey can produce (he sired our own Smokey's Twilight, along with many offspring at other farms) so it wasn't a matter of wanting to see, it was a matter of matching him up with a girl where they can produce a great offspring.

NL Smokey is bred to:

~ Kateri

And we traded breedings to have FCA Incan Alchemy bred to:

~ Bay for a little diversity to the genetics in our herd

What I haven't mentioned is that we won't actually have 10 cria this spring. Snickers and Kateri are leaving us this spring to go to another farm. I'll post more about that another time. So that leaves us with 8 cria, but we also have promised one 2012 cria in a past deal, so one of those 8 will also be leaving us (who it is has not yet been chosen, they get to pick after the cria are born). This gives us a 2012 cria gang of 7, our biggest cria gang yet.

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