Sunday, January 22, 2012


A big part of having a business is managing the financial part of it. This can at times be stressful.

We decided back when we started our farm that it would be best to hire an accountant to do our taxes. We had always done our own, but the farm adds enough additional dynamics that we felt it was better to hire it out. We found a local accountant firm who was familiar with alpaca farming. Ever since our first year working with them, they now send us a booklet each January to fill in our expenses. J and I keep folders all year around to store our receipts, so when this booklet arrives, it's only a matter of adding up the expenses and filling them into the booklet. More of the frustration is that we don't always have all we need. Right now we are waiting on one W-2, and we can't find the receipt from one of our alpaca shows. I also stress about "what am I missing?" But I know we do a good job of keeping track of everything all year around so this time of year isn't that stressful.

We have our appointment with our accountant tomorrow and I have everything set to go. What a relief to have that out of the way!

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