Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Halter Training

We halter train all our cria, because who wants an older bigger alpaca who they can't lead somewhere? However, we always are a bit under pressure to get them halter trained as alpaca show season approaches. Our first show is in about 5 weeks!!!

The Best of the US Alpaca Show is March 10 and 11. This means we need to have these cria walking very well on the lead by then.

This past weekend Zack (my halter training helper) and I headed outside with halters and leads. We've learned to have low expectations the first few times, as this whole process can be very scary for them.

Zack is convinced that the alpacas are more receptive to halter training if we remain calm, and if he says to them in a calm voice while rubbing their neck "calm, calm, calm". I have to say, his tactic works. That's why he's my halter training helper.

Our Juvis to train:
Lady Bing

Our Yearlings to remind:

And we are halter training Gigi. While she is a yearling, she came to our farm a few weeks back and was never halter trained. We will not be taking her to any shows, but we'd still like to have her be able to walk on the lead. Zack and I find that the older ones can be more difficult to train. But we got the halter on her on Sunday and we were able to do all the same desensitizing touching. She'll get there too. And I know come shearing time we'll be thankful she can walk on lead.

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