Saturday, January 14, 2012

Keeping the tradition

While spring is a very busy time for our farm with all the spring alpaca shows, last year I challenged myself to run in a 10K event. I participated in the Fifth Third River Bank Run, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I had considered running a 5K, but knew I already ran 3 miles regularly. I wanted a challenge. So I pushed myself to train for the 10K. I had NEVER run that much in my life! I started training last year about this time, and not only ran the 10K, but I have made a 7 mile run part of my usual weekly running routine.

My current running schedule includes 5 runs:
~ a short run (3 miles max, at a fast pace),
~ a medium run (4 to 5 miles),
~ the hills run (different incline levels on the treadmill for 5 miles),
~ an interval run (alternate every 1/4 mile from walk to run at various speeds)
~ a long run (7 miles).

If I have to push one of the runs off my schedule, it's the short run. I've done a really good job of getting in the most difficult runs each week, the long 7 mile run and the hills run (by the way, I would much rather run the 7 miles than the hills, oh are they dreadful! but what a workout they give me).

So this year I will keep up the training I've been doing. I'm not anxious about being able to run the 10K. This year's anxiety will be around the fact we have an alpaca show the last weekend of April, again the first weekend of May, and that next weekend is this 10K. One alpaca show leaves me exhausted for days. Having two shows two weekends in a row is brutal in itself. We have a great time at shows, but the exhaustion afterward always catches up with us. But I am determined that I can do this, and will train so that I will make this happen.

By the way, two weeks after the run is the AOBA National Alpaca Show that we are planning to attend. What this means is that May is going to be a busy and exciting month for us!

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