Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold on the Farm

It got even colder out.  The low over night was -8*F.  Today when  I went outside for farm chores it was 3*F out, and by the time I came in it was 5*

The animals are eating more hay to keep warm.  But other than that, I don't notice much different with them.

Spot enjoys a nap in the girl's hay bin:

Guess I woke him up :)

Cocoa is happy to see me:

Could Ruby be any cuter?

We have a coat on Ruby because she's still pretty small.  We had hopes it would help her grow.  It hasn't.  But she's making it through the cold without issue.  Patty next to her has a coat on too.  She's s suri which means her fiber hangs down.  She looked cold (but maybe that was me projecting).

Princess was busy eating hay:

But she's not as busy as Rose, who wouldn't even look at me!  Lady Bing  is always so photogenic :)

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