Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cria for 2013

We have at least six females bred for 2013 cria, and another two that we bred but we aren't sure they have held a pregnancy.

We set our Due Date for 350 days gestation.  Alpaca farms vary in what date they use for a due date, many use day 345 or day 335.  We've found that our girls typically deliver closest to day 350, but we also start "cria watch" 30 days prior (day 320) just in case.

Here are our due girls (links provided to their Alpaca Nation page):

05/24/2013  ~  Cocoa bred to Tucker

06/08/2013 ~ Mysteria bred to Greyt

06/08/2013 ~ Rose bred to Smokey

07/20/2013 ~ Cherry bred to Soldier of Fortune (suri)

08/05/2013 ~ Jewel bred to Greyt

08/15/2013 ~ Twilight bred to Gabriel (possible pregnancy)

08/16/2013 ~ Gigi bred to Gabriel (possible pregnancy)

10/02/2013 ~ Tehya bred to Vamil

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A Country Chicken said...

Good luck with all of your girls! :) Lisa

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