Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That Suri Yarn

I finished this skein of suri yarn, adding 120 yards to my spin meter for the year!

Check out my spin meter (over on the right side column) ~ over 400 yards already :)

 A closer look:

The whole 120 yard skein:


Eliz said...


Linda said...

Nice. do you notice a difference in the yarn? suri vs huhkaya (sp?)

oak haven alpacas said...

Thanks Eliz :)

It was different to spin. The suri is more slippery, for lack of a better word. And there was a learning curve to it. Now that I've done a few skeins of suri, I do like spinning it. I have heard that suri has less memory (due to not having crimp) and that it's best to be made into products that drape - shawls and such.



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