Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold Snap

There has been lots of talk about the winter weather - cold and snow.

Well, so far we haven't gotten much snow:

That is my sweet Tehya.  Tehya was born on our farm the first year we had alpacas.  She is sweet, and has beautiful fiber (won many an award in her day).  Now she is 4 years old, but still a baby girl to me.

We have barely a dusting of snow so far.  But I have heard just south of us there is lots more snow.  We could get hit yet, we are in a warning zone.

However, the cold is here!

The sun is out and shining, yet the temperature has been steadily falling all day.  They say it will be around 0*F overnight and only in the single digits tomorrow.

So, for our farm animals, we have to make sure no one is cold.  They have a nice layer of bedding to cush in to be warm.  They have warm water to drink.  And most importantly they have hay to munch on whenever they want.  By eating hay their stomach has to work and that is how they produce heat.  During these cold spells we go through more hay than our usual, but that's what is needed to keep our animals warm and healthy.  I always make sure to put out extra hay. I would not want any one of them to be cold and not have hay to eat.

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