Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Cria of 2012

I made this post when I was trying to fix the "Top 10" for 2012. It was all messed up.  But who doesn't like baby pictures?!  So I thought I'd post this part again since I had it ready anyway.

In 2012 we had six cria, the most we've ever had!  (links provided to their birth story)

 6/6/12 OHVNA Raspberry Coolatta (Latte x Tucker)

6/7/12 OHVNA Storm Warning (AKA: Stormy) (Sancha x Greyt)

6/16/12 OHVNA Ruby (Jewel x Tucker)

8/4/12 OHVNA el Diablo (Victoria x Tucker) 

8/18/12 OHVNA Cornelia Marie (Bay x Alchemy) 

8/19/12 Night of Greyt Exxpectations AKA: Night  (Maddie x Greyt)

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