Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday ~ our products our stories

Today is Small Business Saturday, the day promoted to shop small and local mom and pop shops.

It's easy, find a mom and pop shop local to you, or shop small shops on-line:

There are many small businesses on ETSY, our farm is there too :)  Oak Haven Alpacas:

What sort of things do we have for sale?

Well, a variety.  We have hand knit product we knit out of yarn I spun on our farm from fiber off of our alpacas.  We have home spun yarn, and raw alpaca fiber.

For example, here is an ear flap hat link to the ETSY page), I knit out of yarn I spun here at our farm off of one of our award winning alpacas, Tehya.  She has always been one of my favorite girls, I've known her since the day she was born:

There is this ear flap hat:

This one was made on our farm also.  The dark color came off of a male named Greyt Exxpectations.  The lighter color in the stripe is from Tehya.  Each hand made product has a story, a history.  

In my last post I showed several of our headbands / neck warmers / ear muffs:

Home spun yarn sells faster than I can produce it (and honestly, J and I knit up what I haven't sold).  So any home spun yarn (link to order page) needs to be ordered for purchase:

We also have some fiber arts tools for sale, such as a drop spindle:

And was have lots of raw alpaca fiber for sale, for example:

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