Sunday, November 10, 2013

The other dyed yarn

So I had two skeins of yarn that I was dying, each in a different pan.

When I got to the point where all the dye was absorbed, I was disappointed that the yarn wasn't more blue.

So, in one of the pans, I put drops of blue dye straight from the bottle:

It didn't stay spotted, as soon as I baked it for 10 minutes then flipped it over, the spots were gone.

I just kept baking it, checking every 10 minutes until all the due was absorbed (water in the bottom of the pan was clear).

I let it sit out to cool. 

As soon as it was cool to the touch I put it in a cool water and vinegar soak:

The extra dye did darken the color.  Once both these skeins are dry I will show them off next to each other for comparison. 

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