Saturday, November 9, 2013

The dying project

So I left off my last post with the yarn and dye headed to the oven for a bake and set.

I had the oven at 285*

The yarn was in a glass dish (having been pre-soaked in vinegar), with the frozen dye on top:

After the frozen dye lumps melted, I took it out of the oven and flipped the yarn over (that way all sides can soak it up).  Here it is, mid bake:

I read you can tell the yarn is done when the liquid in the pan is clear.  See my hand through the glass  pan (there is a little water in there):

So I moved the pan into the sink, and drained the left over water.   The yarn was hot!  Too hot to touch so I let it sit there for a bit:

Once the yarn was cool enough to touch, I put it in a pan with water and vinegar (not sure if you need to do this but supposedly vinegar will set dye).  Soak in vinegar to set: 

I was impressed that no blue dye seeped out into the water.

I squeezed this out and hung it up to dry (this time in the shower because it was pretty drippy wet still).

In a following post I will show the finish product, the dry yarn :)

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