Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spinning fading fawn

Here's the thing with fading fawn fiber: if you send it to a mill or card it up without forethought, all those various shades of fawn will blend together = one color.  I have plenty of alpaca blankets that I could spin into yarn that are one solid color.  They are beautiful and all, but I love, I LOVE, the various shades in a yarn.  And with fading fawn, you can do that without using any dye.  All natural.

So when I look at a fading fawn blanket:

I separate out areas of the same color, and I flick them into their own little cloud.  I end up with a basket of small, different color clouds.

Then I spin those into yarn:

That yarn can create products with variegated colors.  Here is a hat made out of Tehya's fading fawn fiber that is for sale on our farm's Oak Haven Alpaca's ETSY shop:

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