Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tehya = Fading Fawn

Fading fawn = when there are various shades of fawn on an alpaca.

It is one of my favorite colors on the animal.  I'd say it is my favorite to spin into yarn.

Our first year of having cria (alpaca babies) on our farm, our precious Tehya was born (birth story here).

Here are pictures from her birth day (link to the original post) in 2008:

She was one of our *twins* (not real twins, she and her half sister, Shelby, have the same sire (dad) and were born on the same day).  We joke they are our *twins*.

One of her many award wins (link to our page of winners):

Here she is (spring 2013) all grown up (link to blog post):

Tehya was special to us, always one of our favorites.  She was born on our farm the first year we had cria, and she is the only one from that year we kept the entire time we had alpacas (in 2008, our first year cria were born on our farm, Lightning was the first born, then Shelby and Tehya. Shelby was sold at auction and Lightning went to a farm in Ohio where he became herdsire).  Tehya was one of the last to leave our farm this summer, when we finally let go of all our alpacas. 

All this to say, she's a fading fawn :)  In my next post, I'll show how I spin fading fawn to keep the beauty of the different colors.

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