Tuesday, February 17, 2009

halter training

our first show is on March 13-15th - less than a month away!!! So, I got halters on the little ones this weekend. I had high hopes, which I should not have put such great expectations on them. They are sweet babies, but halters just seem to freak out even the best alpaca.

Lightning "Bugs" did great. I had wanted to led him around the pasture but that was way more than he was willing to give. I got him to follow me around the paddock just fine. I'm sure he did not want to leave him friends and go out into the pasture. But he did great in the paddock with his buddies right there (the older boys kept a close eye on me, they are so funny how protective of Bugs they are). We learned from last time that once at the show, they lead so much better anyway (too many scary things that suddenly our familiar faces are welcome).

With the girls I had the idea to get Maddie on halter, than one of the little girls on halter next to Maddie and Maddie can show them how it's done. Maddie did great, but the girls were not ready for this at all. In the end I was happy to get the halter on Shelby, then on Tehya, and got them to take a few steps. That's good enough for day 1.

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