Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Show String

We are bringing 4 of our alpacas to show. We are also bringing Ashton Stone's Jolly Roger. Ashton Stone only has the one to show this spring, so we are taking him along with us. In return, they are watching the alpacas we have to leave at home. Next year Ashton Stone will be full of new cria and they will have a show string of their own.

Our senior and only experienced show animal is KSF Midnight Masquerade AKA: Maddie. Maddie went to a couple shows last fall. Unfortunately, because she was shorn so late in the spring, she was only able to show as "shorn". This spring will be her first showing in full fleece (which I prefer, see my rant on that with my blogging on last fall's shows). These 2 shows this spring will be the end of her show career. We are looking to bred her this summer.

Maddie's fiber (note the crimp and shine, very good, especially for a black where it's been harder to get good crimp):

Sancha's White Lightning AKA: "Bugs" is our oldest Cria to show this spring. And he's our only boy. His father won quite a bit in the show ring, and his mother won a first place halter. We are eager to see how he does!

Bug's fiber:

Victoria's Shelby:

Shelby's fiber has a very different crimp than I have seen. Her mother, Victoria did not show as well because she had no crimp. Shelby has crimp, and we've always said a Victoria with crimp would be awesome! I love it, it feels silky and I'm eager to see how it spins. We'll see how this particular style of crimp shows.

Our youngest (by less than an hour - she was born less than an hour after Shelby) is Kateri's Tehya:

Tehya's fiber:

We still are not sure what color Tehya is. We have a color chart, but her color is not on there. She has a pink hue to her, which she has had since birth. We thought it might lead to her being a rose gray, but she doesn't quite match that. She could be a fading fawn, with medium fawn at the top of her back to light fawn to even beige at her chest. Or maybe they will classify her as an indefinite light. We listed her as a light fawn, but we will see what the color check decides.

And this is Ashton Stone's Jolly Roger:

Jolly Roger's fiber:

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