Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sancha's last trimester

If you have been watching the due date calculators at the bottom of the page you will notice Sancha has just over 3 months to go. With an 11.5 month gestation, she is nearing the end. And that due date is average. She could go weeks before (or after, like she did with Lightning).

Given our experience last year with Sancha getting so thin, this year we are going to be proactive. We have switched her to the SGL grain (the one with extra calories, instead of the maintenance grain). We have upped her Equine Senior (which she has been on since the vet recommended it last summer). Sancha is ten years old, and like many older females, has a really hard time keeping on weight. In expectation of the impending birth and her needing to feed the new cria, we want her nice a healthy, not thin.

I'm starting to think about boy vs girl and what color this new one might be. I love the surprise of a baby cria :)

Zack's big joke is that he wants the new baby named: Sanchafield (a mix of Sancha and her daughter Sommerfield). Zack thinks this is the funniest thing he has ever heard of. Well, let's just say he makes me laugh when he says it because he's laughing, but that's not on our list of names ;) Come to think of it, we should start a list of names. I'm thinking of sticking with our "nature" theme for Sancha's offspring (Sommerfield, then Lightning). That's very broad though, so much falls under nature. I guess for me some of it depends on if the cria is white, or if it's fawn. There's a 50% chance either way. Any ideas?

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