Sunday, February 15, 2009

The spinning wheel

I found using the spindle to be great for getting the basic idea of spinning down. But I prefer the spinning wheel. On the wheel, you only have to draft the roving with your hand, your foot petals to spin it (on the spindle you have to draft and spin all with your hands - I get overwhelmed easy).

A wonderful lady at spinning guilde let me use her spinning wheel to try it out. It is a Louet S17, one on my top 3 list. I really like it. Another on the list, the Mazurka, I didn't like when I tried it (it felt like it was tipping over on me). Here's the Louet:

And when not in use I keep it on top of our tv LOL with a puppy in the house who chews everything, I'm not taking any chances. Thankfully the dog is small so he can't get near it up here (where I keep not only the spinning wheel but also the fiber and other spinning tools so the dog can't get near them either, I can just see him spreading the fiber all over the house):

Spinning has taken over our house, I guess not everyone has a swift, a niddy noddy and ball winder in their living room:

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