Sunday, February 8, 2009


A wonderful lady at spinning guilde let me borrow her spinning wheel. I used it to spin the rest of the wool rovings I got with my spindle. There is definitely a learnign curve with this, but I don't think I did too bad.

J took 2 different colors of the wool I spun and plyed them together. One set is the darkest color brown mixed with medium brown, the other is white plyed with the darkest brown. Both look really neat. He then washed it to set the twist. They were hung to dry overnight. Now J is going to use the ball winder to create a ball of yarn.

I was going to make a purse/bag from this first spun wool. Then I thought what warm slipper socks it would make. And now I can't decide. I will start knitting something from it today.

We cannot wait to get our alpaca fiber into rovings to start making our own product. I think I will try spinning from raw (though that may be too hard an endeaver for a new spinner, we'll see).

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