Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a thaw

While I am very happy to have warmer temps, it sure it making a mess of our barn and paddock. I decided this year to leave the frozen poop rather than chip away at it. Last year I chipped and dug at it with a shovel and that made for some craters in the ground come spring time.

I couldn't help myself and did chip just a bit in the boy's paddock. Now that area is a crater of poop soup - gross! Hopefully remembering the sight of it will stop any further attempts at digging and chipping the frozen stuff.

With this thaw, now I am able to rake and scoop the poop. Monday I took out 2 wheel barrows full. Tuesday I took out 3! I expect by the time I get there tonight it will be so wet from rain that I won't be able to scoop much of anything. Oh I bet they will all look like drowned rats. Their fiber keeps them warm enough that these temps will have them wandering out into the rain to cool off.

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