Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alpaca Beans

Alpaca bean are the most wonderful fertilizer. We use it on all our flower beds and garden. They can even be used fresh without harm to the plants, they don't burn like manure from other animals can. They also don't have near the terrible odor that most manure has. Especially the ones that have had time to compost, those have no odor.

I know many of my readers have their own alpaca farm or live far away, but if there is anyone nearby who would like some alpaca beans for their garden or flower bed, we have tons to give away. I know some farms sell their beans, and if I had more motivation I would market them for sale. They are valuable. However, I don't have the motivation to do that. So instead, I'm offering them free to whomever would like them. Maybe in the future I will work out selling them, but at least for this year, they are free to whomever wants to come and get them and load them up. We have plenty for several people. Take as much or as little as you need.


Lori Zehr said...

How exciting to find your blog! A fellow Michigander (southwest), blogger, spinner, and lover of Alpaca fiber, I just had to comment. I hope to visit back often to your blog. This week I'm at our fair spinning and knitting every day with my guild group. So far, Alpaca/wool blends are my favorite. Yesterday I started spinning some 100% Alpaca roving. It is going well. I had to chuckle at the yarn drying on the basketball hoop--not such an unusual sight for me! Blessings! Lori

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I'm so glad you found me Lori. It's fun how many alpaca and fiber addicts there are out there.


Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Hey Cara,

We may have some people who want some. We normally give them composted beans, but we just spread all our compost piles on our hay field last weekend (and actually didn't even have enough to do the whole field.) I will let you know if we have anyone interested. Paca Beans are amazing fertilizer!!!!

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

Oh, please do let me know Jillian. I have a year plus pile worth going that we will never use up. I have someone coming on Saturday and someone on Sunday but I don't think they will take it all. I hate seeing these wonderful beans go to waste. They are awesome fertilizer.


Linda said...

Another use is for "alpaca bean" jewelry. No kidding. I have seen a website that actually coats them in varnish and mounts them for pendants or earrings. Here is a link:

they have tietacks too.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

Linda, I have to say, as much as I think alpaca beans are wonderful, I'd pass on the jewelry. Yuck!! I guess, if it's selling... then more power to them for creating such an idea. I'll stick to using it for fertilizer. :)


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