Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Neat Website

While working with fiber this weekend, I was also doing some web surfing (the downside of living out in the deep woods is that our Internet connection is dial-up, which means I am always multi-tasking while waiting for sites to load). I stumbled across this really neat website that is an arts and crafts community. It shows blogs, and has forums, and lists of events all over the country. It is more than just alpaca or even a fiber website, it includes many crafts, hobbies and businesses.

It is called: The Hive

Click here to see more:

Proud member of TheHIVE

I wanted to add that while I often post links and sometimes use pictures of products, I do so to help others find the resources I am talking (blogging) about. I don't do it for any compensation. I may rave about a product, but that's because I really love it and want others to enjoy it too. I don't do it because some company promised me anything. If that ever changes, I will be sure to let my readers know. I think it's important to be honest about those things.

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WonderWhyGal said...

I joined it when it first began and I have met some new people but there are drawbacks on the site too. The worst part might be the point system because, although you like to earn points, people comment just to comment. I still prefer people to visit my blog the good ol' fashioned way. It seems more like a friend visiting then. I hope you enjoy it though.

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