Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two Ply

I'm kind of boring with my home spun in that I always create a 2 ply yarn. I prefer the two ply because I find that it's more balanced than a single ply. When you spin it by hand, it's hard to get it even, so there are thicker and thinner spots in the strand. By plying two stands, the thin and thick balance out better (it's less likely that the thin will meet up with thin on the other strand). I don't do more than two ply because that makes a big enough yarn. I guess if I ever want a really bulky yarn I could do a three or more ply. For what we do, two ply seems to work best. My yarn does vary in that I sometimes spin a thin strand, and sometimes a thicker strand (depending on the fiber used and the desired weight yarn), so every yarn I spin is by no means the same. They just all happen to be two ply.

Here I am, plying:

I was disappointed that my two strands did not meet up well. I had a lot more of one left over:

We usually do a pretty good job of weighing out the fiber so that our strands end up closer to the same length. This one was even more off because I had some left over from the first skein I made this past weekend, and I added onto that one. Since my next skein is going to be with the same fiber, I will just add on again. Typically I use this left over to mix with another color to create a contrasting yarn. I find it fun to have a contrast to use as edging or in the knit pattern.

After it is plyed, I put it into a skein using my swift:

Right now it is sitting in the sink to wash:

Next I'll soak it in in plain water (no soap). Then I will hang it on a hanger to dry. By tomorrow we can put it into a ball and start knitting with it.

As I planned, I finished this second skein :)

I weighed out another batch to start flicking up fiber for my next skein. I am determined to increase our yarn production.

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