Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fiber, fiber everywhere

Sometimes I think I'm a bit ADD. I have various stages of fiber all over our house. There are bins of fiber in my living room (this is my fiber nook, I sit on the couch and flick fiber, then spin it into yarn):

There is a skein of freshly washed yarn hanging over my patio (doesn't everyone have skeins of yarn hanging off a basketball hoop?):

That skein had a little mishap. When I was winding it onto the swift to make the skein, it fell off. It was horrible. I rescued it the best I could without having to completely start over (I had fears there would be horrible knots). But I predict it will be horrible to put into a ball when that stage comes. Not everything works how I plan or hope it will go. Along with fiber everywhere, there are emergencies that you need to deal with along the way, and handle the best you can at the time.

This weekend I also made a fresh ball of yarn (out of that contract yarn that J plyed and washed last week):

I have a strand of fiber in process to yarn on my spinning wheel:

Fiber is also in bags all over our fiber room in our basement (along with whatever happens to be on the skirting table at this time). I may be a bit ADD (it does run in my family). But I think the fiber mania is what happens to most fiber enthusiasts. If you take fiber from raw form into a balled yarn, it takes time. Some steps require waiting, so while I'm waiting for that step, I work on another fiber batch in another stage of the process. For example, while one skein is in yarn form, already washed but hanging dry, there is nothing else I can do until it dries. So I start flicking up a new batch of fiber, getting it ready to spin into a strand of yarn.

I spun yarn this weekend, not only to mark Spin in Public Day, I've been spinning yarn every weekend in an effort to increase my yarn production. So far, I've kept up spinning at least a skein a weekend (with 2 skeins over Labor Day weekend). This weekend was a bit more difficult in that I seemed to get caught up in various different activities with the kids. That needs to happen too. So I'm not upset to not have completed the entire skein this weekend. I know it can be completed throughout the week. And while I love making yarn, my kids are of a higher priority

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Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

I love it. You have an HFF (House Full of Fiber, I just made that up)!

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