Saturday, February 12, 2011


We've had a farm page on facebook, but recently they made some changes to the business pages. This means a new address for it:

As far as I can tell, the old link still works too. And the link on the left side of my blog will take you there. If you haven't done so yet, please visit our facebook farm page and "like" us :)

I'm still learning all the new gadgets that come with the revised business page. I can now log into facebook under our business farm name, or my own name. I hope I don't mix up my identity! I do like having two separate accounts. I also like the pictures across the top of the page like (like they did with the personal pages). On the farm page, I have pictures of alpaca products up there for anyone to view. I still have my blog linked to the page so you can view blog posts directly on my blog, on facebook, on Ravelry (under my profile "oakhavenalpacas") or at The Hive.

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