Monday, February 7, 2011

New Tools

About a week ago J and I were in a local store and saw this really neat sled that would be perfect as a poop sled. I had this in the back of my mind after a couple people mentioned on my blog that a sled might be the answer to my wheel barrow vs snow problem. I looked at this sled and could see the value in it. J thought we should buy it right then and there, but I resisted. We don't usually get that much snow at one time, I've managed using the wheel barrow in the snow. I didn't really NEED it.

Then we got dumped on this snow this past week. Wednesday we were so buried in snow I didn't even think about cleaning up the alpaca's poop. It wasn't until Thursday evening that I realized I had a poop problem. If I could barely push the wheel barrow around before this storm, adding on another 10+ inches of snow would make it impossible. Looking at the weather prediction for the next week, we aren't in for a thaw anytime soon. I came inside after farm chores and said to J that I may have made a mistake passing on that sled.

Friday when I came home from work I found this in my back yard:

After 11 years of marriage, while I definitely do appreciate flowers and chocolate, it's the really thoughtful things, like a poop sled that will make my life easier, that becomes the most romantic. This sled is actually made for ice fishing, but it's the perfect size and shape for a poop sled.

I tried to get a picture to show the depth, but this really doesn't give a good frame of reference:


WonderWhyGal said...

I love it! It is a wonderful gesture. Sure will make your life easier.

Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Bahahahahaha! Cara you are so cute! I love the part about the romantic poop sled!

Cathy said...

Just don't overload it or you won't be able to dump it!! :-)

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