Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trading Alpacas

One way to get new genetics on your farm is to trade alpacas with another farm. Not only can you get new genetics, but you can tailor the new alpaca to be exactly what you want. Instead of picking a specific breeding and wishing and praying for a certain outcome, hoping that cria is a certain color, you can find an animal the meets exactly what you want.

It's not always that easy. Often what you want, people aren't willing to part with (unless you are willing to shell out a lot of money). And it's not always easy to figure out an even trade. It's not always one alpaca for one alpaca. If you really want a certain one, you are willing to offer more in return to sweeten the deal. And there is always the quandary of is a male worth more or a female? It depends on the quality of course. And while it shouldn't matter, there is sometimes the emotional component. There are some animals on my farm that I would be willing to trade, but only for the right trade.

We've been working on several different trades. I don't want to post the exact specifics, because I think those are personal matters. I'd hate for another farm involved to feel exposed by my blabbing it all. I also don't want people to scrutinize each trade. It becomes a value call, because the only way a trade will work is if what you are getting is worth what you are losing, for both parties involved. And that truly is a personal call. We are looking for some specific things to boost our breeding program, and are willing to part with some wonderful alpacas in order to get that.

What you will noticed is new faces on our farm, and some of our current residents no longer being here. While it will be sad to say goodbye, we are determined to push ahead. We have a vision that we are determined to follow.


Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

I think the emotional component would be the toughest for me. Saying goodbye to a good animal is really hard to do.

But you are right-- you have a vision for your farm and you are taking it to great heights!

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I agree, the emotional part is hard. There are some animals that are harder to see go than others. Some I just couldn't part with in a trade (but some $$ might talk, certainly enough $$$ LOL).

I have a harder time with our girls, since they are in our backyard. They seem more like part of the family. Boys are easier for me to see go, but I do think that's because they aren't as close.

I keep thinking that birthing season is just around the corner. New faces to see and love :)

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