Friday, February 11, 2011

Pictures of Miss Kitty

I know I cheated last week, posting about our new alpaca, Miss Kitty, but then not including any pictures. I went back to that post and did add a picture, but she's full of snow, you really can't see anything. Miss Kitty has incredible genetics, but has gotten a bit overweight. Our goal is to slim her down some so that we can breed her.

Miss Kitty is the one standing straight up behind the feed bin in this picture:

I know it's hard to get a size comparison in a picture. The maroon colored alpaca in front of her is Victoria. You can see how Miss Kitty towers over Victoria. Though for perspective, Victoria is a smaller alpaca, weighing around 130 pounds.

In this picture I am standing behind Miss Kitty, she is bent down eating out of the hay bin. Maddie is standing next to her (the black alpaca). Maddie is an average size alpaca, running about 160 pounds - here you can see how Miss Kitty has a lot of weight on her in comparison!

Miss Kitty is not bred, so all that belly is her:

Miss Kitty does have nice bone on her. She's a tall alpaca. She has great genetics and nice fiber. I will keep you posting on how our slimming diet is working for Miss Kitty.

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