Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OHVNA Chaska

Like Twilight and Copper, this will be Chaska's first show also.

I fear I have set Chaska up by all my past bragging about his dam, Kateri. This is Kateri's fourth cria. The previous three were not only all female, but all three received 1st place ribbons. Kateri has been an incredible production female. Chaska may not do quite as well as his sisters did in the ring. While I love his look, and prefer to spin fiber with a bolder crimp, that crimp style is not always rewarded in the show ring (crimp is the waves in the fiber). We will have to wait and see how his fiber comes across to an alpaca judge.

His fiber (very bright and shiny with incredible bundles and bold crimp):

Cute face:


Unfortunately Chaska will not be able to attend this show after all. He has a skin issue on his feet. I would describe it similiar to eczema in a human. The skin gets scaly and red, it looks dry and if unattended the skin will start to crack and bleed. We have been treating it, and his skin looks nice and pink now. But our vet did not feel he was good enough to attend the show (he still has some missing fiber on his feet). Our vet does tend to be very cautious. Since she signs the vet certificate, the final decision is up to her. We are sad that Chaska will not be able to attend this show. But we will be vigilant in treating him so that he is able to attend the next spring show.

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Louellen Lawson said...

He has beautiful fiber...hope he feels better son.

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