Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Copper Canyon

Copper was the first cria born on our farm in 2010. He also is the first cria in several years that his dam has had that is a color other than white. Unfortunately for Copper, I don't think he's quite as good as his older brother, Lightning, nor his sister, Lily. They were both ones we took to an alpaca show with some confidence they could do well. While the white class is the most difficult, they both held their own. Copper does not have quite the fantastic fiber that they both had. However, Copper has more of the whole package with his cute face and rock solid confirmation. It will be interesting to see how he does in the ring.

His fiber:

Head shot:

1 comment:

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

I have loved reading about who is going to the show. I am very excited for you and I hope everyone does really well.

And Copper is a cutie!

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