Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This past week has not felt like spring at our farm. There is still a coating of ice and snow over most of our land. Here is a picture of the cria's pasture, with Spot standing in the distance:

Temps have been hovering in the mid 30's, much lower than what would be average for our area this time of year.

Spot and the alpacas don't seem to mind too much, but I know on the days the sun shines and the snow melts they are quick to wander out into the pastures looking for grass to eat. They also love to lay in the sunshine.

Spot found a nice place to lay where there isn't any snow or ice:


Valerie said...

Phew! I had to do some back reading and get caught up! I laughed at the ice storm post. It is so strange the behaviour of your animals. But I do know that if I were pregnant and due in only a couple of months I would also be far more likely to sleep in the middle of an ice storm. Not only would it cool me down, but it would probably also put the baby to sleep and I wouldn't be kicked as much!

And we need spring. And by spring, I mean we need spring-like weather.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I agree, we need spring weather! It's been a long winter without much of a thaw inbetween to revive us.

I do remember when I was pregnant going outside without a jacket on in really cold weather. I kept wondering why everyone else was so bundled up LOL


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